Working according to the sustainability principal: the green bags by Harold’s.


The german company Harold’s has been founded in 1936 as a manufacturer of leather goods. When it started to work together with the Florentine company Pielle le sac it got the name Harold’s. Today Harold’s leather goods sells bags and accessories of the brands Harold’s and dothebag.  All models of Harold’s bags are produced sustainable. They are made of high-quality leather that is so special because of its rustic look. Especially Harold’s briefcases for men are kept in natural colours and they provide a washed out vintage look. The quality is visible in the perfect manufacturing and in the fine leather. Other colours like tropic green and warm caramel brown are available in the assortment of Harold’s bags too. The look might remind of good old times but the interior fits to the current demands and features many interior pockets or special compartments for laptops. If you take care about environmental protection Harold’s is the best choice for you. The Harold’s bags, briefcases and messengers are produced according to the highest standards of security and environmental care.

One aspect of Harold’s authenticity is that the leather comes from free living cows from the region –instead of using imported material from Far East. Thanks to this circumstances the CO2 balance is much better and it is much easier to bring the products to the European market. Following the credo “hecho a mano” (“keep things the way they are”) the bags are produced in an especially careful way to keep the natural surface and haptic as original as possible. The majority of Harold’s bags, businessbags and briefcases is produced in a little factory in Columbia. The employees have legal and mandatory contracts – that is not self-evident for this region. As a delightful effect many of them work for the company for more than 20 years – some since 1985 when the cooperation started – and they have many possibilities to develop. The working place matches European standards e.g. in matters of hygiene and quality of machines.

Dark colored leather can transfer color on your clothes in the beginning. We recommand you to keep this in mind when wearing light colored clothes.


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