"I like flaws. They make things more interesting."

Flaws make a thing or a person unique. It gives character, making it more interesting and one of a kind. That is why every piece is made by hand. One by one. All unique. Your piece of jewelry will always be a little different than your friends'.   

Designed with the greatest attention to detail, while still allowing for tiny imperfections. Imperfections that give your piece character and quality. The quality you only get from a true craftsman, doing what he loves most. That is why we make every item unique, in a world where almost everything comes out of a factory.    

The even better part?

There are no factories involved. The silversmiths work from their homes, in their gardens and close to their family. Perfect work life balance and so much happier than our individualistic lifestyle! The Balinese learn their craftsmanship - for example silver - from their family and give it through.

Your jewelry is made with love. It will look beautiful on you! 

The Flawed collection has minimalistic, geometric shapes and is basic but classy. Our products are very delicate, they need to be handled with care. The gemstones we use are mostly raw. Every piece is unique. Please note that the item you receive may slightly vary from the picture. 

Via deze link lees je alles over Flawed:

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