Workshop doña Rosa
The Made in Barrio collection is made in the workshop of doña Rosa. Her workshop produces high quality bags, including of leather tanned with 50% less chemicals and from recycled truck inner tyres. These materials are combined with seat belts in various colors, which results in surprisingly stylish and practical bags. 

A fair chance
Doña Rosa started her own studio together with her husband in 2001, after the leather processing company where she had worked for 16 years went bankrupt. The workshop is located in Ciudad Bolivar, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Bogota where high unemployment and drugs and violence are the order of the day. After several years she already employed three staff members, which in 2010 had grown to 14 people. Because of this success, Rosa became a role model for women in her neighborhood. She offers men and women from Ciudad Bolivar a chance at a fair job. They are trained and have a better life with normal working hours, a reasonable wage and health insurance.

Since 2005 doña Rosa works with the largest fair trade supplier of Colombia. Their added value is to provide good, attractive designs and opening foreign markets. Indeed, each new customer in turn means more jobs.


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